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This is ‘THAT’ ORSOS Island!

RealTimeCGI was the organization that created the visualization for the quickly expanding project, ORSOS Island. The design was made by our main client Mihály Csikós; the investor was ORSOS Islands Gmbh, an Austrian company. The project owner and namesake is Gábor Orsós an Austrian hotel-chain owner of Hungarian heritage.

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“China and Me” – Prologue

Not me, but WE. Here in the East-Central Europe it’s kinda big deal to go to China but our main designer Csikós Mihály regularly go there on business trips.

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Vistosi: the BIG Giogali

Nowadays we are taking a trip in the world of design lamps. We had a special assignment at last week by a big hungarian distributor of high-end lighting devices to visualize the Vistosi Giogali chandelier….and we did it.

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Canon 5D mark III unleashed!

Canon announced its new facelift to the 5D brand that’s obviously called: Canon 5D Mark III. Could it be promising compared to its predecessor?

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Savix Team – our printing partner (not-an-ad!)

It’s a kind of local thing but lot of client and colleges asks me where and what print shop we use for this quality and I think we give a favor to the company due to our long past together and I write a post about them and their work.

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Mindless fun with Dudikoff

As I recently realized the first american action movie what I saw in my life was the American Ninja. Recently, after circa 27 years I watched the movie again and it was fun for now too.

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The new wave of Beam

Recently I read an article about the newly announced Samsung Galaxy Beam which is a touch screen  cell phone with a built-in projector. It sounds promising.

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‘Clik’ is a brave new application for all kind of touch screen devices that transforms your hand-held device to an instant remote for  You Tube on web capable big screen like normal computer laptop or smart TV.

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The short anatomy of Errors

The job you have the tasks you need to complete, especialy in the freelance sphere have a big impact on your life and can change everything without a notice. It’s not bad it’s just a fack.

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From Canon 20D to 5DmII:
an almost 7D

Like one years ago I switched from my beloved Canon 20D to Canon 5D mark II and I got cold and warm from the change meanwhile I  successfully avoided the lure of the Canon 7D.

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Razer Mamba and its associates

It is not so obvious to choose periferias such as mice for work in the PC domain. With Apple it’s simple you get what you get. In the hardcore word of PCs we have to fight our battles and often you can get hurt.

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Connexion 3D mouse

This device allows users to ‘directly’ connect their objects in the virtual space but mostly they can interact with the physical camera like in reality. However this idea has some drawbacks.

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