The new wave of Beam

Recently I read an article about the newly announced Samsung Galaxy Beam which is a touch screen  cell phone with a built-in projector. It sounds promising.

As an avid HTC user I have preconception with the Samsung phones. I try back than a few and I screamingly drop it from my hand and run back to my HTC Desire with its more logical and usable button layout and the great HTC Sense GUI. Recent days in the mobil telephony the new function has no big invention its alway the same phone with bigger display and with a slightly faster CPU so there’s no push to switch for a new model. But the concept of the Beam is an interesting one and could be a catch to our daily work. I don’t really like the  projectors at all. It needs space, cooling time, plain white wall perfect dark etc. So the New Samsung is not a great deal but for now the only thing which can point a path for the future investment for 2 years this is the first interesting invention from mobile factories and could be a big swing for the tired product lines.


  • Nicolae Denut 2012 February 28.

    I highly doubt that it’s gonna be useable. I tried Samsung and I did run away screaming. If I would have to give up iPhone, I would go for HTC definitely. The projector is not really new. You can find tons of Chinese phones with built in projector for a fraction of the price. I really think it is not worth even to try. Prove me wrong 😉

  • admin 2012 March 1.

    Yes, this is how I meant to be. I just point the possibility of the big cell phone factories wake up and go and get new REALLY interesting features. It should be a sign. 🙂

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