Mindless fun with Dudikoff

As I recently realized the first american action movie what I saw in my life was the American Ninja. Recently, after circa 27 years I watched the movie again and it was fun for now too.

It’s naive, amateur and of course a low-budget indie film from the mid  ’80 but it has heart and also Michael Dudikoff who could be a Chuck Norris-James Dean love child.  There were a lot of goofy stuff and hilarious dialogues. I loved the full-non-traind Dudikoff performance. Its believable and entertaining. I honestly believed he had martial art skills but as I far as I know he had non. But Steven James the co-star of the film who is a legendary mid ’80 side kick had real training but in this film he had no big fights just has the funny boy role and it’s actually work however he is a little bit creepy with his over sized torso and back and the short legs like some sort of special elf but at least it was funny instantly.

The best contrast material to rate and appreciate the movie is the American Ninja 2 the sequel of the original which has no fun no style no soul. Same team, same concept 2 years from the original with big budget but it’s dead on arrival.

The special thing of this kind of old-school films that how they are almost entirely made up of simple craziness and incompetence but somehow they can entertain my generation and can help recite our childhood.

The original is fun.  So close to thirty (slight above or below) you must watch once more this retro-action for a childish nostalgia.

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