Canon 5D mark III unleashed!

Canon announced its new facelift to the 5D brand that’s obviously called: Canon 5D Mark III. Could it be promising compared to its predecessor?

As it seems there is no built-in wi-fi so it starts out with bad news. But there’s lot of patch for the old wounds for good. The video front evolved to a standard hand cam level with the badly needed audio monitor jack. This is a big relief for me.  The video section gets an additional 60p (presumably 50P in Europe) in 720P which is a nice touch. But the list of the really fascinating features end here. Of course there is a dual card slot (CF-SD, simultan or parallel mode), some kinda instant HDR creation thingy, slightly bigger sensor (22.3inch), faster image processor (DIGIC 5+), higher ISO, lower noise, better jpg/raw quality(?), 61 point AF inherited from Canon EOS-1D X, UDMA 7 support for faster CF cards, and a +0.2″ for the LCD compared to the Mark II. No big deal.

The Body

According to the body reference photos there’s some serious step back in the ergonomics. As I wrote in an earlier post I hate the Canon 7D ergonomics and the 5D mark III got that. The dial is to close to the right palm of the user it’s impossible to use dynamically or lost gripiness while spinning the dial with the thumb. It gets a new on/of switch I can’t figure it out from the body reference images what type of it but it could only be better than the Mark II’s.


The video patches are cool, the further features add no extra pressure to a Canon 5D Mark II  owner to switch. Expect one has lots of extra cash.

The launch will be at the end of march. It doesn’t seem to me a big deal for now especially for the slightly bigger price tag (kit:4.200USD, body:3.400USD) to its usual in the category.

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