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It’s a kind of local thing but lot of client and colleges asks me where and what print shop we use for this quality and I think we give a favor to the company due to our long past together and I write a post about them and their work.

We often make printed design not only for references for ourself but to showcase a project in a portfolio like hard cover album leporello or textbook like stuff. It could be very impressive for the client and they usually like it a lot. It needs quality digital print with insane deadlines because it’s not our main profile so it’s just an extra. Most of the albums are A3 format so for the quality A2 print is essential. They can do it in glossy and then for the hardcover binding we use a real old school book bindery shop near the print shop.

The print shop has no cool interior design or has no cute young girls in it. It’s basically in a basement and there a special smell of the industrial printing. There are 4 men to operate the whole thing (actually they were my colleges back then 15 years ago). They are not cute like a cute girl but they are pros, they are professions, extremely helpful if one has any questions. Be a beginner in print or a pro you will be glad of the result and the services as well. The most important thing to me is the time. There’s no standing in line, pre-order list, post-operation write-back-there thing you put the stuff on their FTP server write a short message in mail with the parameters and they do their best within one or two-hours. If you need they come earlier then the opening time or stay to print your stuff after the closing time, what ever it takes. The time and the client is the first. The prices are reasonable and they have minimum 10 big format printer besides the common professional quality digital SRA3 equipment. So if you need it and of course you live in Budapest or in the close area give them a try.  They print from business card to giant posters everything and also has a small basic equipped binding section for cut or textbook like binding.

They had a catch phrase on their webpage. I love it: “We try to beat the biggest competitor in our profession: The Time”

This is NOT a paid advertising. We would like to pay tribute for the hard-working team who always covers our back.

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