Vistosi: the BIG Giogali

Nowadays we are taking a trip in the world of design lamps. We had a special assignment at last week by a big hungarian distributor of high-end lighting devices to visualize the Vistosi Giogali chandelier….and we did it.

The Vistosi is an almost 300 years old huge lamp factory. This italian company has a lot of unique design and it have its  flag-ship and this ship is the Giogali.

It is basically a big chandelier with a trick. It’s not one piece but it is made of separate chain links. The chain has no glue or any material that can hold together the links. The trick is the clamp on the links. The only fixing force is the gravity. So each pieces can be taken down easily by hand.

Nice, isn’t it? But this beast has almost 3000 pieces of chain links that are made of glass by hand. As we were informed only highly medicated electrician can put together this thing and they need a whole day to do it. Due to the hand crafted links there is lot of rub on the pieces and therefore the final effect with the gravity is a bit occurrent and some kind of unique.

This lamp is the oldest and greatest product of the Vistosi brand. It exists in lot of forms but with the same technic: links linking to each other > made of glass by hand > medicine > electrician > uniqueness. There are Giogali with smaller links ca. half of the original for the crowded feeling. There are standing lamp versions, different sized chandeliers and wall sconces as well. So you can be unique in different ways. And we made a CG version of the BIG GIOGALI. See the whole portfolio in our gallery!

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