“China and Me” – Prologue

Not me, but WE. Here in the East-Central Europe it’s kinda big deal to go to China but our main designer Csikós Mihály regularly go there on business trips.

We had some work there and occasionally the client wants to get construction material from the Far East because of the price and the endless market opportunities. So we ergo he, Csikós Mihály goes there and helps to choose. In the past decade he was in China and in its neighborhood a dozen times and the changes from the first visit to the very last (approximately two weeks ago) are huge. China is changing and it has a very new face both in social and professional territory. Let’s see what did the designer architect experience in the Land of Mystery. Stay tuned for the bilingual, edited summary of his trip. If you are a designer professional or just interested in China it is worth to wait.

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