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RealTimeCGI was the organization that created the visualization for the quickly expanding project, ORSOS Island. The design was made by our main client Mihály Csikós; the investor was ORSOS Islands Gmbh, an Austrian company. The project owner and namesake is Gábor Orsós an Austrian hotel-chain owner of Hungarian heritage.

The special plan is not as new an idea as it may seem. The idea of a houseboat is very normal or ordinary in many parts of the world. They are used for holidays, leisure-time or even as permanent residences from the Netherlands to Thailand. They are mostly permanently fixed, small floating houses with dedicated functionality.

A few years back Mihály Csikós designer was asked to create a moving houseboat portfolio with  seven models that would be a fresh inspiration in this field. It introduced a floatin, moving “house” powered by green energy, as compared to the traditional models, so you can go anywhere with your “house” concept. Even though this project represented a relatively small sector of the industry, it received a lot of publicity; so much so that Gábor Orsós found the ideal partner to bring his long dreamed of vision to life.

In the autumn of 2011, the preparations were started. The Csikós Terv‘s partners from the previous naval projects readily became involved in designing ORSOS Island to give a stable base for the project, not only in design but also in the marine engineering (standards, stability and feasibility) field as well as from an ecological engineering (green energy) viewpoint.

Many similar projects die even before the planning stage starts, but ORSOS Island made quite a stir during this phase also, mainly in the marine industry. Now as the construction plans are almost ready, the end-user price calculation is on the way, and the deadlines for the production of the prototype are set in two years, we realized that this huge project is actually happening. Numbers of news agencies and interested individuals follow its every step as it marches toward completion.

A common misconception is that the boat/island is for private use. Although private use is highly possible since according to the latest calculations it is a fragment of the price of a similarly sized yacht, the primary idea – coming from a hotel chain owner – has been to create a green, self-sustaining “hotel”. And ORSOS Island has all that it takes, leading the way to be modified for private use as well.

ORSOS Island is unable to move on it’s own, thus it is a restricted mobility product. It has to be towed; however this is relatively simple and easy. Opposing the original idea the designer played with the thought to equip ORSOS Island with engines; however the high costs and strict standardization conflicted with the idea of creating a value-effective product.


For the exterior design Mihály Csikós designer planned to create a futuristic amorphous and organic form, where with the green-roofed solution of planting real vegetation is possible. The hull can be created using one of two materials, depending upon where the island is deployed (lake or sea). As a design element the solar cells are located on the irregularly shaped big al-boat-long sunshaders, ensuring energy supply.

In the interior design the modern interpretation of Art Nouveau elements are combined with a dreamy futurism with the pinch of classicism. The rooms in the main areas are covered in hardwood through with a unique but subtle design trick so that extreme solutions do not interfere with the retreating resident’s peace of mind. Six virtually identical rooms serve as the private sphere. Each room features a full curtain-coverable wall of window and is equipped with all the comforts of an usual hotel room; whether it is a restroom, bathroom, television, table with chairs and a wardrobe. Rather than a ship cabin all of it is within a gorgeous large hotel-room-like space.


Wind turbines and solar panels provide electricity and the means of heating the water. Energy is stored in a special storage system, so that the island is not subject to current weather conditions. The grey-water toilet uses cleaned water for rinsing. The shower – from the surrounding natural water – uses distilled and microbiologically purified water.


According to the latest calculations it is a fraction of the price of a similarly sized yacht; however the price hasn’t yet been firmly set, but it is certain at this moment that the island is going to be marketed as a finished productal of it’s accesories, from wind wheel to the pilows and beacouse of the recycled energy it has  very low operating and maintenance costs.

A lot of misconception and criticism floats around on the internet. For that reson we would like to provide a frequently ask question section:


1. What might happen in the event of a storm?
The same thing that happens to a same sized yacht. However, a detailed answer can be given by Róbert Both from SMC Danube (a ship engineering company) who took part in the marine engineering design of the boat.
2. What if pirates attack?
This product is basically designed to be deployed off-shore not far from civilization, thus it’s highly unlikely that the island will get into this type of trouble.
3. Why are there only computer genereted images of the Island?
This is a still ongoing project, and part of the design plans are the visualizations. There is no prototype yet, that can be photographed. A prototype may be available in a minimum of two years.
4. What marine regulations are applicable to ORSOS Island? Is it possible, that in some country it will not allowed to be “parked”?
ORSOS Island is not a ship, but still many marine regulations apply to it, and these are different from country to country; therefore it is highly possible that more than several type has to be available for production to meet the requirement of all sea law regulation.
5. Whysould not buy a similarly priced ship that can move on it’s own?
The concept is a houseboat, even when the engines were still planned, it would have provided movability for short distances on very rare occasions. The idea is not travel, but relaxation in one desired place. ORSOS Island as well as hotels cannot move and be converted into ships.
6. Where will the waste be placed that is accumulated on the island?
The main idea being sustainability and green attitude; communal and selective waste – not being recycleable at place – has to be periodicly removed from the island.


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