Connexion 3D mouse

This device allows users to ‘directly’ connect their objects in the virtual space but mostly they can interact with the physical camera like in reality. However this idea has some drawbacks.

…for now…I like mine…
I’ve had this cutie since it became available in my country approximately two years ago.

At first  I couldn’t understand the concept but I decided to give it a shot and ordered the smallest one from my local computer shop.

In the waiting period as I thought it over  and red more and more about it I got the idea and I was waiting the first contact a lot.

The first try was a big disappointment. It felt great with highend materials but the usability was very limited. The reasons:

1. For long term use it’s unconvenient and instable the non operative hand must hold the device to not to let it slide down the table despite the big counterweight and the sticky gum on the bottom.

2. The fluid camera motion capture is almost impossible despite the “autokey-animation” feature ‘cuz every frame is a key frame and there is no way to smooth the delicat wiggling from the human hand.

3. The blue light of the mouse is glaring… right now too…

4. The driver WAS chaotic non 3D application can get the infos perfect, the camera interpretation was unconvenient and illogical.

For now the driver was fixed and the camera (I mean physical camera) handling is as good as it should be.

The animation doesn’t have any smoothing option but for in-work  physical camera moving/positioning it’s essential and adds big ease for the common day workflow.

It doesn’t save the day but for professionals it’s worth the buck. For casual 3D guys it is not a big deal ‘cuz the cheapest version is not so stable (but usable) however just for fun it’s a bit pricy.

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