Razer Mamba and its associates

It is not so obvious to choose periferias such as mice for work in the PC domain. With Apple it’s simple you get what you get. In the hardcore word of PCs we have to fight our battles and often you can get hurt.

At Csikós Design we have used Razer product since the beginning. We choose these product family beacause we think the precision of a gamer device suits perfectly our high demand needs. The Logitech mouse line was too dull and inconvenient. Microsoft has great mouse portfolio but back then they concentrated on office use not on professionals so we decided to jump into Razer.

The first try was a bunch of Deadt Adder and one Copperhead for me. The Copperhead was great but in 3 years its middle wheel got loose the contact and produced many contact error jumping screen etc. The Death Adders has nice price and cool looking but half of them had to be replaced cuz the middle wheel instantly started acting wierd. But after the change they done their jobs. Now I replaced my Copperhead with a Mamba. It was a BIG disappointment. First of all it’s very pricy and the wireless mode is almost useless because of  the very low battery life and the badly designed stand, so I used it wired. The precision was awful from the beginning it has laser sensor but it can work ONLY on a SteelSeries mouse pad, on everything else it didn’t work right. On the special surface it kinda precise but I’m really waiting to replace it… maybe for a SteelSeries Sensei…

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