From Canon 20D to 5DmII:
an almost 7D

Like one years ago I switched from my beloved Canon 20D to Canon 5D mark II and I got cold and warm from the change meanwhile I  successfully avoided the lure of the Canon 7D.

The cause of the switch was that I need a long time a professional video equipment for video compositing and other neat CGI stuff but i can’t find a satisfying one in my price range. The most wanted function was the 25p fps. The progressive scan and the exact frame-per-sec is a big deal whan you try to do camera match to compositing in a real life video a computer generated object. I sadly watched the Canons and other big firms video portfolio and most of the devices were too big or too pricy but hope raised when I found out despite the initial issues of the 5D and later the 5D mark II has been solved and i can get a reasonable video camera and a great photo camera at so-so reasonable prices. At one point I lost my faith and sniffing around the brave new Canon 7D but in one store i could try it and the grip felt too small the dial was too close to my palm to operate easily, ergonomically the size and the balance was awful compared to my 20D  so I drop the idea of glorious 50P and get the 5D mark II with the Canon-tweaked firmware.

I prepared for big things but I get a lot of small annoying ones. Again I make a list my disturbances:

1. The Video mode is very…inconvenient the auto focus interrupt the recording, there’s no sound monitor option and you can only shoot in full hd. The ergonomy for video is really bad you need some sort of steadicam which cost almost as much as the 5D itself.

2. …and that’s it. 5D is not a video camera, it can shoot video but without serious support equipment it’s not your best choice for that.

Everything else is lovable on it. The full frame is a big jump after the 20D the ISO range or performance is not so cool as they advertised but acceptable (compared to 20D of course) the battery life can last longer, my 20D has been charged after 5000-10000 expo (with two battery in grip) but the 5d with one battery and absolute low LCD brightness barely shoot 700-1000 (with one battery), and the step of the picture size setting is ridicules, and I can’t understand why can’t I get a decent 6 stop or more for exposure bracketing like other high-end cameras.


It has its small things  mostly in the video are but it’s superb in so many level, and honestly not a newcomer but nowadays it could be cool too.


  • Nicolae Denut 2012 February 15.

    Even tho 5D was not satisfying for you, we used it for some video project here in Metropolia University in Helsinki and it performed very well. I would recomend it, if someone wants a good camera for a low price!

    • admin 2012 February 16.

      So than please enlight me how you could change shuter speed during a shot or how you can zoom and focus without a camera rig and the stability of the footage was satisfing? The matinoned autofocus issue or the non monitorable sound? The low price is a little euphemistic for a camera with 1600 EUROs price tag for the body only.

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