The short anatomy of Errors

The job you have the tasks you need to complete, especialy in the freelance sphere have a big impact on your life and can change everything without a notice. It’s not bad it’s just a fack.

I often don’t like things. This is something about the supervisor role, a man learn to discover the small faults and along the time the small bugs slowly start to grow in your mind and one  realizes: the amount does not matter, an error is an error and errors ruin the hard works of lot of people. So for me there is no small and overlooked error. An error is a failure. Sometime you must accept some ‘cuz the deadline etc.  and you have to let it go but you know there was an error.  But I am not sad cynical or disappointed I just enjoy my special power and drive into the madness everyone. It could be my client or colleges a car dealer or a simple grocery store shopkeeper. “Are you sure this tomato is fresh i might see a little wrinkle at its lower half bottom” In the magic circle of the details 🙂

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