‘Clik’ is a brave new application for all kind of touch screen devices that transforms your hand-held device to an instant remote for  You Tube on web capable big screen like normal computer laptop or smart TV.
It’s great.  I love the idea although I’m not a fan of the social media or the whole “not-working” lineage with lot of online thing what you can do in your work day but as I read a recent review about it, i want to try instantly.

Basicaly you have to download the app from your device app store or market or anything than installs it than start it. After that little scary  “Accept our terms” button you are in. The screen becoms a big sniper scope like thingy in the middel of it the picture of your backside camera and below that there are two simple instruction: “1. go to, 2.  scan the screen!”. You go to the page there’s a big QR code, you have to aim that with the sniperscopes of your device and voilá you are in.

The idea is that you see a big black screen on your screen and a You Tube interface on your hand-held device which is very clean and well made.

The main reason why  I love it is this the simple favorite function. So If i want to show someone something maybe a client or just a friend I have to take a photo from his laptop and a have all control included. The volume too. He can sit front of his screen in his chair and without any trouble he can watch the content from my favorit list.

The trick is that Clik is not connecting directly the two devices rather connects them to the service provider webpage. So the magic is not so magical only simple and fun.

The Clik team had a wonderful app before this called Kik is also worth a look.

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